July 19, 2024

86 Episode 10 English Subbed

86 Episode 10 English Subbed

86 English Subbed

Episode Title :- Thank You

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Episode Summary

Now free from the Republic’s control, Spearhead travel deeper into old Empire territory, avoiding Legion patrols until reach a river their Juggernauts cannot cross alone. With their progress stopped, Spearhead are able to take the opportunity to rest and relax and explore a nearby abandoned Imperial town, and they note that Shin seems far more relaxed and easygoing now that he has set Shourei free and been able to confide with Lena about his troubles. The next day, Shin returns to the town to confront a damaged Black Sheep that he was able to hear, and mercy kills it by destroying its core. Afterwards, he tells the rest of Spearhead that he intends to find a foreign nation the Legion hasn’t been able to conquer where they can live in peace. Two weeks later, Spearhead’s robot companion Fido recalls its memories of being found by Shin and living with Spearhead before it is destroyed in an explosion.

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