July 14, 2024

86 Episode 11 English Subbed

86 Episode 11 English Subbed

86 English Subbed

Episode Title :- Here We Go

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Episode Summary

After a skirmish with the Legion, all but one of Spearhead’s Juggernauts are disabled and Fido too crippled to move, forcing Spearhead to leave it behind. In addition, most of their supplies were destroyed, leaving them with limited prospects of traveling any further. With no choice, Spearhead continue on to another abandoned Imperial town, where they spend the night in a school and briefly roleplay being students again. The next day, Shin take the last remaining Juggernaut to intercept the Legion, intending to use himself as a decoy for the rest of Spearhead to escape. However, Shin’s friends follow him into battle, and all of them are seemingly killed while Shin hears the voice of another Shepherd. Meanwhile, Lena arrives at Spearhead’s base as the replacement Spearhead is transferred in. She explores the base and finds a note left behind by Spearhead expressing their final farewells to her, as well as a request to adopt the kitten they had been keeping as a pet. Inspired by Spearhead’s words, Lena resolves to keep fighting and moving forward. Elsewhere, Shin appears to have a dying dream of being reunited with Shourei in the afterlife, leaving his headless body behind.

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