April 23, 2024

86 Episode 2 English Subbed

86 Episode 2 English Subbed

86 English Subbed

Episode Title :- Spearhead

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Episode Summary

One week after Lena assumes command of Spearhead, one of the Empire’s Legions sends an attack wave towards Spearhead’s position, forcing them to mobilize and counterattack. Lena witnesses Shin’s battle prowess as he single handedly destroys the Legion’s most powerful units. Afterwards, Lena attends a history class for Handler recruits where the teacher explains that since it is believed the Empire was wiped out by their own Legions, and the Legions have a set lifetime, it is predicted that the war will end within two years when the Legions automatically shut down. Lena then takes control of the lecture and reveals to the students that during the war, the Republic revoked all citizenship and human rights of the nation’s non-Alba population (people who do not have silver hair and eyes) and forced them to pilot their Juggernauts. Since 86s are no longer considered “human”, their losses are no longer considered as fatalities. Lena stresses to the students that 86s are human and should be treated as such. While this angers the government monitors, Lena is confident her uncle can protect her. When speaking with her friend Annette, Lena says she has a positive impression of Shin despite his reputation. That night, Lena continues her daily conversations with Spearhead, and the unit begins warming up to her, especially Shin, who is briefly seen smiling for the first time.

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