April 23, 2024

86 Episode 5 English Subbed

86 Episode 5 English Subbed

86 English Subbed

Episode Title :- I’m With You

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Episode Summary

Lena tells Shin how Shourei saved her life in a Legion ambush that killed her father, and how he was kind and compassionate and wanted nothing more than to go back home to see Shin again. She also learns that the Nouzen family immigrated to the Republic from the Empire before the war, and possibly lived in the capital of District 1. Just then, Shin warns Lena of a Legion offensive, despite the fact that she hasn’t received any notifications from command. Shin also warns Lena to cut her Para-RAID link with him due to the presence of “Black Sheep” in the Legion, but Lena insists on staying connected. However, during the battle, Lena begins to hear voices of people in distress, including Kaie’s last words, and goes into shock. Though traumatized by the experience, Lena works up the courage to contact Shin again, and he explains due to a near death experience, he can hear the “voices of the dead” from the Legions, which is how he can predict their movements. Furthermore, the Legions’ programming is based on how a human brain works. Because of this, the Legions have been able to copy the brains of the people they have killed on the battlefield, imprinting their victims’ last thoughts into their programming and creating “Black Sheep” and “Shepherd” models that have far superior performance and intelligence. The Legion is in fact far larger and more intelligent than the Republic realizes, and has already evolved a method to exceed their original lifespans, meaning the Republic’s defeat is inevitable. Hearing all this, Lena resolves to work with Shin to destroy the Legion “Shepherd” commanders within one year to end the war for good. Later that night, it is revealed that Shin bears a scar on his neck from a time where Shourei attempted to strangle him.

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