July 14, 2024

86 Episode 6 English Subbed

86 Episode 6 English Subbed

86 English Subbed

Episode Title :- Through to the End

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Episode Summary

Four years in the past, a young Shin searches through an old battlefield before finding Shourei’s headless corpse. In the present the Legion begins rapidly evolving its tactics to counter Spearhead’s ambushes, and Spearhead suffers two casualties, Daiya and Lecca, in their latest battle. Shin is forced to mercy kill Daiya to prevent the Legion from harvesting his brain. It’s revealed that Shin is focused on finding Shourei’s missing head, and that Shourei attempted to strangle him in the past in a fit of rage, blaming him for the deaths of their parents. Lena celebrates her birthday with Annette and asks her what would happen to anybody with an abnormal reaction to Para-RAID, and Annette explains that an 86 would be dissected for study while a Handler would undergo an examination before being transferred. She then petitions her uncle to provide additional military support to Spearhead and replacements for their losses, but he refuses, instead ordering her and Spearhead to attack a Legion base under construction. Shin agrees to carry out the mission, knowing it is likely a trap. Lena tells Shin more about her memories of Shourei, and quickly comes to realize that she has feelings for Shin.

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