February 28, 2024

86 Episode 8 English Subbed

86 Episode 8 English Subbed

86 English Subbed

Episode Title :- Let’s Go

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Episode Summary

After retreating back to base, Shin reveals to Raiden that he heard Shourei’s voice among the Legion, and he is eager to confront him one final time. Meanwhile, Lena studies Spearhead’s history and discovers that numerous previous iterations of the unit had been sent on “special reconnaissance missions” to guarantee their destruction. She goes to Annette to ask for help, which only makes Annette furious as Lena’s idealism only reminds her of how she allowed her neighbors, who were friends and 86s, to be taken away by the government. She reveals that their para-RAID technology was developed by performing human experimentation on 86s, and her own father committed suicide from the guilt. Lena and Annette have a falling out and Lena goes to her uncle next to protest Spearhead’s upcoming “special reconnaissance mission”. However, he explains that the complete extermination of the 86s is necessary, because if the truth of their treatment were ever to get out, the Republic would immediately become a pariah state among foreign nations. Unable to do anything, Lena can only bid Shin farewell. Shin informs Lena that once he destroys Shourei, who is now a Shepherd, that will cause enough confusion among the Legion that she will have a chance to escape the country. On the day of the mission, the last remaining members of Spearhead: Shin, Raiden, Theoto, Kurena, and Anju, clean out their base and head out. Meanwhile, Shourei moves out to intercept them, eager to assimilate Shin into the Legion in a warped desire to protect him.

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