July 19, 2024

86 2nd Season Episode 6 English Subbed

86 2nd Season Episode 6 English Subbed

Episode Title :- I Won’t Forget

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Episode Summary

In the Republic, Lena organizes a desperate last stand against the invading Legion. In the Federacy, Shin, his friends, and Frederica manage to survive the bombardment, but it is revealed that the Legion used a massive railgun codenamed “Morpho” to bombard all of the Federacy’s forward bases, inflicting significant losses. While Morpho was damaged by a cruise missile attack, military analysts predict it will be able to move into range of any allied capital city once it is repaired. With few options due to Morpho’s extreme range, the Federacy decides to send Nordlicht on a deep strike mission to destroy the railgun. While Grethe is furious the military is sending Shin and his friends on what is expected to be a suicide mission, none of them object since they’d rather go down fighting the Legion rather than run away from the war like the Republic did. Meanwhile, Shin’s friends are worried about his mental state after he received a letter from Eugene’s sister angrily demanding to know why he killed her brother and the possibility of Lena being dead. A week after the Legion invaded, the Republic’s capital and Lena’s home are shown to be in ruins.

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