July 14, 2024

86 2nd Season Episode 7 English Subbed

86 2nd Season Episode 7 English Subbed

Episode Title :- The Truth is

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Episode Summary

As Nordlicht prepares for their mission, Grethe successfully petitions to allow the use of the prototype ground effect airplane “Nachzehrer” to be used as the unit’s transport, rather than relying on much slower and more vulnerable helicopters. Grethe also volunteers to be the Nachzehrer’s pilot, being the last remaining person with any experience flying it. Frederica unsuccessfully tries to convince Shin not to go on the mission, fearing that he will die or become a monster like Kiriya. Zimerman, powerless to stop the operation, expresses his wish to see that Shin and his friends return home alive no matter the cost, and privately swears to himself he will destroy the world if they don’t. The Federacy and its allies then commence an all out assault on the Legion as a distraction, opening a hole in the Legion’s defensive perimeter allowing the Nachzehrer to launch and head for the Morpho. During the flight, Shin hears the Black Sheep’s voices and smiles.

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