July 14, 2024

86 2nd Season Episode 9 English Subbed

86 2nd Season Episode 9 English Subbed

Episode Title :- Together Unto Death

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Episode Summary

Shin and his friends continue their pursuit of Morpho with Frederica in tow. Meanwhile, the Federacy and its allies begin staging diversionary attacks on the Legion to draw their attention away from Shin. Grethe returns to the frontlines with the rest of Nordlicht, now freshly resupplied and ready to support Shin. In Legion territory, Raiden confronts Shin over his recent behavior during battles, warning him that such a dangerous fighting style puts them all at risk. He reminds Shin that they are still a unit, and his friends will be there to support him so he doesn’t need to keep fighting alone. As the team continues to chase Morpho, Frederica asks everybody about the ocean and they all promise to go see the ocean together after the war. That night, Frederica meets with Shin and confides that like him, she fears losing her sense of purpose, and she deluded herself into thinking that she needed to put Kiriya to rest. She tells Shin that he shouldn’t be afraid of the uncertainty of the future as long as he has his friends. However, Shin reveals that ever since his near death experience at the hands of Shourei, he has been unable to feel any desires, and thus doesn’t feel he is even alive. Elsewhere, No-Face warns Kiriya that enemy forces are tracking him and instructs him to deal with the matter.

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