July 19, 2024

Clannad Episode 10 English Subbed

Clannad Episode 10 English Subbed

Clannad English Subbed

Episode Title :- The Girl Genius’ Challenge

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Episode Summary

Since no new members have joined the drama club, Tomoya goes to talk with Kotomi once again about joining. Tomoya takes her around the school and helps her introduce herself to people to make more friends. Tomoya takes Kyou, Ryou, and Kotomi to the drama room after school, and after a round of introductions, Tomoya asks them to join the club. Kyou initially passes on the chance but ends up giving in after her sister says she wants to join, and Kotomi joins as well. During the meeting, Kotomi suddenly leaves when she hears someone playing the violin in a nearby club room. Yet when she is offered a chance to play it, she is painfully horrible.

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