May 18, 2024

Clannad Episode 14 English Subbed

Clannad Episode 14 English Subbed

Clannad English Subbed

Episode Title :- Theory of Everything

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Episode Summary

Kotomi finally leaves the house to find that Tomoya worked in the garden all night long and had fallen asleep. When she returns to school, Tomoya, Nagisa, Kyou, and Ryou are all waiting for her. The mysterious gentleman whom she was so frightened of, believing he wanted to take her parents’ thesis, is there as well. Kotomi and her friends find out that he is her legal guardian, and that there never were any other copy notes for the thesis after all. The envelope Kotomi burned and felt so guilty about was actually a teddy bear catalog. The gentleman also has a birthday gift for her, which is her parents’ suitcase, that survived the plane crash and was passed from hand to hand around the world for years until he found it. Inside is a teddy bear, Kotomi’s gift request to her parents before they left, and an affectionate letter. While Kotomi is holding the teddy bear, the room fills with orbs of light, and she, at last, makes peace with her parents’ deaths.

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