April 18, 2024

Clannad Episode 22 English Subbed

Clannad Episode 22 English Subbed

Clannad English Subbed

Episode Title :- Two Shadows

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Episode Summary

After Nagisa finds out about her parents’ secret past, she cannot take her mind off how she ruined their dreams and becomes emotional and depressed. On the day of the school festival, the whole drama club realizes that Nagisa is not herself, and try to cheer her up, but to no success. As the performance starts, Nagisa breaks down, but with encouragement from Akio, who said that his dream, as well as that of Sanae, was for Nagisa to make her dream come true, Tomoya also assures Nagisa, and the play about the Girl in the Illusionary World was a huge success! Naoyuki came to see them play too. The next day as the sun is setting; Tomoya finally confesses his love to Nagisa in the club room. This comes as a shock for Nagisa, causing her to cry tears of joy.

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