July 19, 2024

Kanojo mo Kanojo (Girlfriend, Girlfriend) Episode 2 English Subbed

Kanojo mo Kanojo (Girlfriend, Girlfriend) Episode 2 English Subbed

Kanojo mo Kanojo (Girlfriend, Girlfriend) English Subbed

Episode Title :- How Nagisa Feels

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Episode Summary

For their first night, Naoya suggests everyone sleep in the same room. Nagisa moves into Naoya’s futon to talk, causing Saki to think they are having sex. As such, both girls move into Naoya’s futon to be close to him. Later that night, Nagisa decides to spy on Saki’s phone to learn more about her, only to find it contains multiple searches about sex. Saki almost catches her, but Naoya takes the blame and is punished. Nagisa reveals while preparing her confession she forgot to attend school. Naoya insists they spend all day studying, though it soon becomes clear Nagisa struggles at math. Despite claiming she has to use the bathroom as an excuse to cheat, she gets the answers wrong anyway. At school, Saki insists no one can know about their relationship, but when Naoyo sees Nagisa has no friends, he attempts to reveal everything, only for Saki to stop him. Saki reveals she is worried people will think Naoya no longer cares about her. However, when Nagisa agrees they should only interact at home, Saki is touched by the offer and instead decides they can interact in secret where others cannot see them.

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