July 19, 2024

Kyoukai Senki Episode 11 English Subbed

Kyoukai Senki Episode 11 English Subbed

Kyoukai Senki English Subbed

Episode Title :- Encirclement

Watch Kyoukai Senki (境界戦機) (AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline) Episode 11 English Subbed For Free Online at CroAnime.xyz

Episode Summary

Amō, Gashin, and Shion rendezvous with their maintenance team who begin repairing their AMAIMs. Meanwhile, Alexei gets approval to lead a flying column so that he can get his revenge on Yatagarasu. Brad and his team are contacted by German, who leaks them Ghost’s current location. However, Brad notes that Ghost is likely still in Asian territory, and its self improving nature means they will need even more troops to suppress it. Later, Amō and his friends head into a nearby city to buy supplies, and Amō accidentally runs into Brad, who recognizes his voice. That night, Amō and his friends head to a hot spring to relax, where Brad meets them. He tells them about his position as a North American soldier, as well as Ghost’s location in the Oki Islands before leaving. Gashin is put on edge when another chance at revenge has presented itself.

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