April 14, 2024

Kyoukai Senki Episode 5 English Subbed

Kyoukai Senki Episode 5 English Subbed

Kyoukai Senki English Subbed

Episode Title :- Determination

Watch Kyoukai Senki (境界戦機) (AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline) Episode 5 English Subbed For Free Online at CroAnime.xyz

Episode Summary

Amō decides to head to Risa’s hometown in order to return her necklace to her relatives. Meanwhile, Gashin is informed that a new AMAIM pilot has joined Yatagarasu. Upon arriving there, he meets Mr. Nose and his daughter Hina, who take him to meet Risa’s friends. Amō informs them about Risa’s death, but her friends reveal that Risa’s family have all moved away due to scandal of her joining Yatagarasu. However, they do know where Risa’s family grave is, where he can return necklace and pay his respects. That night, Mr. Nose and Hina are kidnapped by the local Deputy Governor, who intends to sell them as part of his human trafficking ring. The local townspeople protest Mr. Nose’s arrest, and the Deputy Governor responds by arresting many of the protestors and sentencing them to death. Unwilling to stand by and watch more innocent people die, Amō retrieves Kenbu and rescues the prisoners while Gai broadcasts evidence of the Deputy Governor’s illegal dealings. In order to save face, the Asian military releases all of the prisoners, including Mr. Nose and Hina, and orders the Deputy Governor be removed from his post. Amō leaves Risa’s necklace at her family grave and reunites with Gashin, now committed to joining Yatagarasu.

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