July 15, 2024

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 10 English Dubbed

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 10 English Dubbed

Meikyuu Black Company English Dubbed

Episode Title :- New Dungeon Paradise

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Episode Summary

Rim dreams of a girl with horns. Kinji saves maintenance workers who explain the doors to the fifth and third floors are both blocked so they are now stuck on the fourth floor indefinitely while Belza’s bodyguards are now trapped on the fifth floor which has only two powerful monsters guarding the door to the sixth floor. The Ant Queen arrives having fled with her colony from earthquakes, and she has the horned girl who turns out to be Majin. Queen explains Majin was born after Rim left the dungeon to be its new guardian, but now she is unwell so the dungeon is more dangerous. Rim reacts unusually by hunting food for Majin without eating any herself, but Majin reacts violently which upsets Rim. She explains to Kinji she feels guilty for defeating Majin, causing Majin to be too weak to manage the dungeon. Kinji and the others return the fourth floors ecosystem to normal through forestry and animal husbandry while Rim looks after Majin. With the fourth floor back to normal Majin recovers and is given the name Sky by Rim. Sky suddenly falls seriously ill as the door to the fifth floor opens and the two monsters multiply into dozens and overwhelm the bodyguards.

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