June 19, 2024

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 12 English Dubbed

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 12 English Dubbed

Meikyuu Black Company English Dubbed

Episode Title :- GoOd Day,goodbye

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Episode Summary

Kinji is arrested for crimes he committed before becoming rich with Belza manipulating Shia into testifying against him. Portrayed as a potential threat to humanity Kinji is tortured to extract a confession, but he resists. Shia visits and heals his wounds, having realised Belza manipulated her. The Ant Queen remembers Kinji wrote a manual for this kind of emergency. A month later Belza is made Raiza’ha’s Director but is shocked when Kinji is suddenly released and made CEO. Wanibe reveals that following Kinji’s manual, they purchased 40% of all Raiza’ha stocks and convinced the owners of another 15% to support them, giving them a majority ownership of Raiza’ha. Raiza’ha is absorbed into Kinji’s company where he makes Belza work with Ranga to improve their family relationship. Despite his victory Kinji finds he is unhappy. Concerned about his behaviour Ranga reveals that Kinji is from Japan and may be planning to return. Kinji confirms he was happier chasing a goal than he is now he has won, but instead of returning to Japan he plans to expand the company, take over dungeons in other countries and keep going until he controls the entire world.

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