June 19, 2024

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 3 English Subbed

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 3 English Subbed

Meikyuu Black Company English Subbed

Episode Title :- Fun at the Corporate Training Trip

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Episode Summary

Shia, a modern Hero employed by Raiza ‘ha Corporation, locates a Philosopher’s stone in a dungeon and is asked to join Exploration Group 3. On an island containing a corporate training centre Kinji and Wanibe are forced to endure brutal physical exercise, psychological abuse and magical brainwashing to increase loyalty to Raiza ‘ha. Kinji snaps Wanibe out of being brainwashed and reveals he knew about the brainwashing the whole time and used mind altering plants to resist and plan revenge. By drugging the brainwashing sorcerers with the mind altering plants they set of fire spells, exploding the island, the training centre and all the instructors. Believing they are successfully brainwashed the corporation sends Kinji and Wanibe to Group 3 where Shia becomes their supervisor. Kinji tries to point out Raiza ‘ha’s exploitation but Shia, who is totally loyal, forces him to accompany her into the dungeon to fight monsters. When Shia tries to kill Ant A, Kinji’s favourite ant, he summons Rim to protect him. With Shia captured Kinji forces her to pose for photographs incriminating her as being friends with Rim and the Ant Queen. Using the photographs Kinji blackmails Shia into secretly working for his Dungeon Black Company.

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