July 14, 2024

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 4 English Subbed

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 4 English Subbed

Meikyuu Black Company English Subbed

Episode Title :- Crazy Death March

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Episode Summary

Kinji is told to repay 5 million gold within a month. Shia shows Kinji monster parts can be valuable, so Kinji hatches a plan. Belza, Raiza’ha’s Director, reveals Death March is approaching, when all demonite and monsters regenerate, which is massively profitable. Kinji builds a farm to harvest monster parts without killing them and pays the 5 million. Belza reveals Death March includes the resurrection of a Majin, but this requires the sacrifice of a hero like Shia. Majin attacks Shia so Kinji throws a magic crystal at it, teleporting Majin to the surface where it destroys the mine. As Majin tunnels back into the dungeon Kinji has the ants set traps. Shia insists on fighting so Kinji scolds her for putting herself at risk trying to escape the reputation of her father, the King of Failed Adventures. Realising he is right and she doesn’t have to outdo her father she decides to live for herself and kills Majin but destroys her sword. Majin revives and tries to eat Kinji, but Rim senses this, saves Kinji and eats Majin. Rim reveals something about Majin’s resurrection was unnatural. A teleportation circle Kinji recognises as the one that summoned him from Japan opens up and he and Rim fall in.

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