July 15, 2024

Mieruko-chan Episode 1 English Dubbed

Mieruko-chan Episode 1 English Dubbed

Mieruko-chan English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Can You See Them?

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Episode Summary

Miko Yotsuya begins noticing things, such as dogs barking at nothing and a handprint on her mirror. At school she meets her friend Hana Yurikawa and a red eyed girl from another class almost talks to her but decides not to. Later Miko’s charm goes missing so she returns to school to find it and sees a human shaped mist that disappears. Waiting at a bus stop in the rain a terrifying ghost of an old, rotting woman appears and demands to know if Miko can see her. Despite her terror Miko pretends she sees nothing and the ghost eventually vanishes. Miko returns home, but while preparing for bed the ghost of a man appears in her bathroom and leans with his hand on the mirror, explaining the handprint she saw that morning. He too demands to know if she can see him but she manages to ignore him until he vanishes. Placing salt in her room to drive away spirits Miko attempts to sleep but realises the salt doesn’t work as the man reappears with his head on her stomach. The next day at school Miko sees the ghost of a deceased student and tearfully realises she has not been dreaming, she really is seeing ghosts.

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