June 19, 2024

Mieruko-chan Episode 12 English Dubbed

Mieruko-chan Episode 12 English Dubbed

Mieruko-chan English Dubbed

Episode Title :- The Girl Who Sees, Mieruko-chan

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Episode Summary

After the ghost of Zen’s mother is destroyed, Zen begins to feel better now that he is no longer haunted by her and lets go of his old burdens and guilt. This allows the cat spirits surrounding him to be purified and pass away peacefully, including the spirit of his old pet kitten. Miko then arranges for him to adopt the kitten he had rescued. Later, Zen manages to intercept the person attacking the cats and knocks him out with a taser. However, the fate of the man remains unknown as police put up a missing person’s poster for him. In the countryside, Mitsue is shocked when she receives a picture of Miko and Hana at the shrine from an anonymous sender. At school, Miko gets the idea to try and thank the shrine spirit for helping her, so she travels to the shrine to give an offering. However, this appears to anger the shrine spirit, which then moves to devour her. Miko then awakens in bed, her shrine visit being nothing but a nightmare. She then goes about her day, now having gotten accustomed to seeing ghosts and ignoring them, though she still wonders how and why she is suddenly able to see ghosts. However, as she walks home with Hana and Yulia, the shrine spirit and the shrine maidens can be seen secretly following Miko.

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