June 13, 2024

Mieruko-chan Episode 6 English Dubbed

Mieruko-chan Episode 6 English Dubbed

Mieruko-chan English Dubbed

Episode Title :- She Sees Real Crazy Ones

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Episode Summary

While coming back from a pastry shop with Hana, Miko sees a very large and scary ghost. Hana heads out to meet Miko, not knowing the same ghost is haunting her, using her life force aura to cook and eat smaller ghosts. She then comes across a young boy whose dog ran away into an abandoned building, and she agrees to help find the dog. She manages the find the dog and return it to the boy, but the ghost following her has fed so much that it has heavily mutated by the time she meets up with Miko. Miko takes Hana to Miketsudani Shrine in hopes of finding a way to get rid of the ghost. They make a prayer at the shrine and Miko wishes to get rid of the ghost. As if in response, a pair of shrine maiden spirits and a massive spirit arrive and destroy the ghost. The larger spirit then utters the cryptic words “Three Times” to Miko before disappearing, leaving her uncertain about what it meant.

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