June 13, 2024

Mieruko-chan Episode 7 English Dubbed

Mieruko-chan Episode 7 English Dubbed

Mieruko-chan English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Did You See That?

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Episode Summary

Still remembering how Miko humiliated her, Yulia swears to get revenge on her perceived rival. After noticing her photo of herself and Miko at the shrine has garnered multiple likes on social media, Hana decides to pick up photography as a hobby. Taking advantage of this, Yulia suggests that they go to a scenic spot in the mountains for a photo shoot. As they travel there, Yulia reveals they’ll have to travel through a haunted tunnel to reach the spot. As expected, the tunnel is full of low-level ghosts, which Yulia hopes can force Miko to admit she can see them. However, what Yulia doesn’t see is a higher-level ghost that arrives and begins devouring the other ghosts. From Yulia’s perspective, she thinks that Miko is effortlessly exorcising the ghosts. As Yulia continues to try and get Miko’s attention, the high-level ghost becomes attracted to them. The shrine spirit maidens then intervene and chase off the ghost, giving Miko, Yulia, and Hana the opportunity to leave the tunnel. On the trip home, Hana takes a picture of all three of them and sends it to Miko and Yulia, accepting Yulia as her new friend. Yulia, who has always been considered an outcast, is touched by Hana’s kindness. As they are eating bread from a pastry shop, Yulia wonders why so many ghosts gathered in the tunnel when she notices a small ghost clinging to Hana’s leg that gets burnt from her aura and she figures out the reason. As she is about to tell Hana, she misunderstands that Miko is threatening her not to say anything about it and gets intimidated by her.

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