June 14, 2024

Mieruko-chan Episode 8 English Dubbed

Mieruko-chan Episode 8 English Dubbed

Mieruko-chan English Dubbed

Episode Title :- The Things She Sees

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Episode Summary

Miko and Kyousuke go out shopping for a birthday present for their mother. Despite being haunted by an attendant ghost, Miko and Kyousuke are able to pick a pair of matching mugs as the gift. On the train home, Miko sees an axe wielding ghost attacking the passengers on the train, though its axe passes through them harmlessly. Regardless, Miko is terrified when she sees the axe ghost attack and capture another ghost inside a person sitting beside her. Although Miko avoids reacting when it attacks her, she wets herself and has to get off the train early. Later, Miko and Hana help their teacher pack up, as she is going on maternity leave. Miko then sees a ghost apparently haunting her teacher’s womb, and she reveals that she was previously pregnant, but her child died. Miko then realizes the ghost it the spirit of the deceased child, which has returned to protect his sibling. That night, Miko ponders why she’s able to see ghosts and wonders if she should try helping or confronting them but decides to keep ignoring them when she sees a disgusting one near a vending machine. The next day, the substitute teacher for Miko’s class arrives, and she’s horrified to see that it is Zen Tohno, the man who she previously saw who is haunted by evil cat spirits. Meanwhile, the scarred man is seen still taking care of his newly adopted cat and celebrates his wedding anniversary in honor of his deceased wife.

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