April 18, 2024

Mieruko-chan Episode 3 English Subbed

Mieruko-chan Episode 3 English Subbed

Mieruko-chan English Subbed

Episode Title :- She Still Sees Them

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Episode Summary

Miko heads out to meet Hana at a cafe, but is haunted by a chatty ghost on the bus ride there. At the cafe, she sees a handsome young man haunted by the spirit of a clingy jealous woman and has to covertly convince the ghost she’s not interested in the man. After Hana arrives, Miko sees the handsome man is dating a woman who is haunted by numerous spirits of clingy jealous men, giving her the impression that they are both unfaithful lovers. Miko then buys some prayer beads to try and ward away the ghosts, and while they initially work, the prayer beads immediately break when she encounters a much more powerful ghost. Seeing Miko’s prayer beads break, Hana takes Miko to a local fortune teller called the Godmother. The Godmother initially tests a cheap prayer bead on Miko in an effort to scam her, but realizes Miko is haunted when the prayer bead breaks, and she can see the faint shape of a ghost behind Miko. She also sees Hana radiating a powerful energy aura, which protects her from ghosts but also serves to attract them. In order to help Miko, the Godmother gives Miko her most powerful prayer beads. However, the prayer beads also break. Miko gives up on trying to use prayer beads, and the Godmother, whose real name is Mitsue Takeda, decides to retire from fortune telling and live with her son in the countryside.

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