April 23, 2024

Mieruko-chan Episode 4 English Subbed

Mieruko-chan Episode 4 English Subbed

Mieruko-chan English Subbed

Episode Title :- Yep, She Sees Them

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Episode Summary

Miko continues trying to cope with a life of being able to see ghosts as she starts seeing them in bookstores and around vending machines. While shopping with Hana, she picks up a special seasonal chestnut pudding. Meanwhile, Miko’s brother Kyousuke notices her strange behavior and comes to suspect that she’s in an abusive relationship with a boyfriend. Want to protect Miko, Kyousuke secretly follows Miko around, but is unaware of the ghosts haunting her. Later that night, Miko welcomes Kyousuke to take a bath with her to ward away a ghost haunting the bathroom. Kyousuke doesn’t see any marks like hickeys on her body and starts to relax. The next day, Miko tries to eat breakfast with her family but a large ghost appears. Miko excuses herself and leaves the chestnut pudding on her father’s funeral altar. It’s then revealed that Miko’s father has been a ghost all this time. Her father apologizes for eating her pudding last year without permission. He never got the chance to do so before dying in an accident. Miko takes happiness in that she was able to have closure with her father. An after credits scene reveals she can see ghosts through television broadcasts, as well.

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