June 19, 2024

Mieruko-chan Episode 5 English Subbed

Mieruko-chan Episode 5 English Subbed

Mieruko-chan English Subbed

Episode Title :- I See Them, Too

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Episode Summary

One of Miko’s schoolmates, Yulia Niguredō, is shocked to see Mitsue has closed down, as she had wanted to be her apprentice. It’s revealed that Yulia can also see ghosts since she was young and dreams of becoming a fortuneteller herself. She learns that Miko was the last customer Mitsue had seen, and witnesses Miko avoiding a ghost. Yulia confronts Miko at school, telling her that she can see ghosts as well, but Miko continues to deny it. It’s revealed that the much more powerful ghosts Miko can see are still invisible to Yulia, and Yulia’s boasting of her abilities attracts the attention of one such ghost. In order to keep it away, Miko is forced to subdue and knock out Yulia. Yulia recovers in the nurse’s office, where Miko apologizes to her, but Yulia interprets Miko’s words as a threat to stay away from her. Later that night, Miko comes across an old woman who has poor memory and is haunted by a ghost continually whispering the numbers “4631” to her. Miko shows the old woman the numbers and she uses those to open a safe containing a special hair comb from her husband, and she regains her memories after putting it on. The husband’s ghost thanks Miko before letting himself be eaten by a larger ghost.

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