April 18, 2024

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 1 English Subbed

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 1 English Subbed

Episode Title :- Koushi Becomes a Dorm Mother/The Problem with Mineru and Frey

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Episode Summary

First year high school student Koushi Nagumo is made homeless by a fire and his father abandoning him. Koushi is taken in by Mineru Wachi who feeds him and lets him use the bath. Koushi realizes the bathroom contains three naked girls and flees, knocking over a fourth and ending with his face in her panties. Mineru explains she is manager of the Goddess dormitory of Seikan Women’s University. The girls are Kiriya Sensho, Serene Hosumi, and Frey, plus the girl whose panties he encountered, Atena Saotome. Mineru offers Koushi a job as Dormitory Mother. Atena, who fears men, refuses to accept Koushi and moves out. Not wanting Atena to lose her home Koushi leaves instead. Realising her selfishness Atena brings Koushi back, but passes out after he accidentally gropes her. Koushi begins cleaning but discovers the dorm is known locally as “Problem Dorm” due to the girls odd behaviours; Mineru performs scientific experiments and often produces toxic substances, and Frey is a cosplayer who dresses people in costume, often against their will, plus all the girls seem to enjoy being partially clothed or entirely naked. Koushi scolds them; impressing Mineru he is taking responsibility already.

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