February 28, 2024

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 5 English Subbed

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 5 English Subbed

Episode Title :- Serene the Shut-in/The Goddess Dormitory Goes on Vacation

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Episode Summary

Serene is uneasy at vacationing away from the moon, the source of her power. Everyone decides to create a portable safe zone filled with moon items. Frey provides a costume from a moon themed anime which is rejected. Mineru provides moon themed aphrodisiac but accidentally uses it on Frey. Kirya tries to teach Serene moon theme Tai-chi but Serene becomes too tired. Atena provides an umbrella with a moon symbol and Koushi finishes washing Serene’s jacket which she calls her moon robe, curing her uneasiness. Serene visits Koushi and kisses him in his sleep. At the hotel Atena admits she organised the vacation to apologise to Sutea. Mineru tries to peek on Koushi in his bath, resulting in Atena being exposed naked and giving Koushi a nosebleed. Everyone sleeps in Koushi’s room, in various stages of nudity, except for Atena who sneaks out. Mineru and Koushi follow her to the haunted section of the hotel. Mineru almost has a moment with Koushi and wonders if it was caused by lust or fear of ghosts. Atena almost kisses Koushi, despite still wanting to be his big sister, but they are caught by Mineru and Serene. The next morning Frey insists they finally go to the beach.

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