May 29, 2024

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 7 English Subbed

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 7 English Subbed

Episode Title :- The School Festival at Seikan Women’s University

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Episode Summary

Koushi and Sutea attend a festival at the girls’ college where Mineru sells aphrodisiacs. Koushi and Sutea are saved from Mineru’s lusty female victims by Serene using a highly advanced moon laser. Serene claims this drained her energy and requires a kiss to recharge. She almost kisses Koushi but he thinks of Atena and stops. Atena volunteers as a maid but struggles serving men and falls with her breasts in Koushi’s face. Sutea discovers she likes maid outfits. A cross-dressing contest is announced with Kirya as a judge cross-dressed as a boy. Koushi has a drink but realises it was another aphrodisiac that will reveal his true self. Kirya gives them three tickets to a maze and Koushi becomes uncharacteristically excited. In the maze Atena and Kirya realise Koushi is acting his age instead of his overly mature self. Koushi trips in the dark and gropes both Atena and Kirya, returning him to normal. Mineru later reveals Koushi only drank water, meaning everything he did was his own free will. Sutea has great success as a sadist maid. The Occult Research Society attempt to capture Serene to study her moon powers but are stopped by another aphrodisiac that causes them to chase after the cross-dressed Kirya and cause chaos for the entire festival.

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