July 15, 2024

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 8 English Subbed

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 8 English Subbed

Episode Title :- Kiriya Wishes Upon a Christmas

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Episode Summary

Kirya is asked to run her family dojo Christmas party. Atena and Koushi volunteer to help. While cleaning the showers Koushi sees Atena naked, who falls on top of him and gets a nosebleed. Now anaemic Atena is unable to help so Koushi and Kirya go shopping. Kirya thinks maybe she and Koushi are on a date but comments from passers-by makes her think Koushi only likes Atena. Kirya decides to be Santa so they ask Frey for help. Frey goes overboard taking Kirya’s measurements so Koushi flees before he can see anything inappropriate. Serene is bribed with food to replace Atena. The dojo’s younger students insist Koushi and Serene help practise karate but Koushi is forced to step in when Serene’s outfit falls open. One of the students thinks she doesn’t deserve a present because she never plays with the others so Koushi helps her make friends. Kirya and Serene reveal the outfits Frey made and Kirya realises hers make her panties visible. As he is the reindeer Serene rides on Koushi’s back, causing him to realise she isn’t wearing anything under her skirt. Koushi gives Kirya a present so she almost kisses him, until Serene interrupts.

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