July 14, 2024

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 6 English Subbed

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 6 English Subbed

Muv-Luv Alternative English Subbed

Episode Title :- Transfer Experiment

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Episode Summary

The man introduces himself has Sakon Yoroi, a Japanese intelligence agent and Mikoto’s father. He warns Yuuko that a group within the Japanese government called the “Strategic Studies Group” has formed, which may pose a threat to Alternative IV. He also expresses curiosity at how Takeru can be alive and how orders that can seemingly tell the future have been issued, but Yuuko asks him to leave rather than answer any questions. Meanwhile Mikoto notices Kei talking with an unknown man. Takeru then begins experiencing strange dreams of being back in his old world, and Yuuko theorizes that his original world is trying to pull him back and he is theoretically able to return any time he wants if he desires it enough, making his existence in the current world unstable. Yuuko then organizes an experiment to temporarily send Takeru back to his original world so she can figure out how her alternate self was able to solve an equation that’s preventing her from completing Alternative IV. Takeru successfully travels back to his original world and talks to the original Yuuko. The original Yuuko believes Takeru, as his existence proves her theory on alternate worlds, and she promises to give him the formulas he needs in three days.

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