July 15, 2024

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 7 English Subbed

Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 7 English Subbed

Muv-Luv Alternative English Subbed

Episode Title :- Promise

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Episode Summary

During his time in his original world, Takeru encounters Sumika and his memories of her return, reminding him how much he misses her. However, he resolves not to be tempted to stay in his original world until he can save the alternate one. Upon returning to the alternate world, Yuuko reveals that Kasumi is the result of Alternative III, which bred children with psychic potential in an effort to communicate with the BETA. As such, Kasumi has the ability to read thoughts, and acts as Takeru’s anchor to the alternate world. Takeru then takes Kasumi outside to teach her there is more to life than her mission. The next day, Takeru gets into an argument with Meiya over the Japanese military forcibly evicting residents from a disaster zone, with Meiya believing the military shouldn’t be acting against the people while Takeru points out the Japanese government doesn’t have the resources to help everyone. Kei overhears the argument and runs away, prompting Takeru to follow her. He finds a mysterious letter that she drops, and he begins to think that she is a spy for the anti-Alternative faction just as Kei subdues him. Meanwhile, Japanese army officers dissatisfied with the government’s actions begin to mobilize.

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