July 14, 2024

Record of Ragnarok Episode 12 English Dubbed

Record of Ragnarok Episode 12 English Dubbed

Record of Ragnarok English Dubbed

Episode Title :- And Ragnarok Goes On

Shuumatsu no Walküre Episode 12 English Dubbed. Record of Ragnarok Episode 12 English Dubbed Full Episode Watch Online for Free.

Episode Summary

Poseidon decides to stop trying to outsmart Kojiro and attacks him with fast and direct strikes, albeit much faster. However, Kojiro uses all of his skills to counter Poseidon’s moves and slices him in four, winning the match. Both humans and gods are surprised with mankind’s first win. Zeus admits that mankind is indeed strong and that Brunhilde truly intends to defeat the gods, thus they need to take Ragnarok seriously and decides to send another Greek god to enact their revenge. Hercules is chosen as their representative for the fourth match, while Brunhilde sends Jack the Ripper against him, which astonishes the entire audience due to the latter’s reputation as mankind’s most devious murderer.

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