June 19, 2024

Record of Ragnarok Episode 5 English Subbed

Record of Ragnarok Episode 5 English Subbed

Record of Ragnarok English Subbed

Episode Title :- File No.00000000001

Shuumatsu no Walküre Episode 5 English Subbed. Record of Ragnarok Episode 5 English Subbed Full Episode Watch Online for Free.

Episode Summary

After Lü Bu’s death, his army led by Chen Gong and Red Hare charge at Thor, who kills them in respect for his fallen opponent. Göll, the youngest of the valkyries, learn from Brunhilde that both Lü Bu and Randgriz’s souls were destroyed, thus they can’t be revived. Angry that Brunhilde does not show any sadness for their sister’s fate, Göll reprimands her, but Brunhilde yells at her stating that you can’t slay a god if you act sad. Brunhilde chooses Adam, the father of all mankind as the human representative for the second match, but while Shiva, the strongest Hindu god was originally chosen as his opponent, Zeus steps in and assumes his place, much to Brunhilde’s surprise.

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