July 14, 2024

Takt Op. Destiny Episode 5 English Subbed

Takt Op. Destiny Episode 5 English Subbed

Takt Op. Destiny English Subbed

Episode Title :- Equitation -Valkyrie-

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Episode Summary

Commander Felix Shindler of the New York Symphonica learns of the emergence of Takt and Destiny and decides to investigate the unknown Conductor and Musicart himself. On the road to New Orleans, Anna, Takt and Cosette encounter a train which Commander Shindler is using to transport Black Night Siderites to a Symphonica facility in Houston. He invited Anna’s group to travel with them though Takt is mistrustful of Schindler’s motives. Attracted by the Black Night Siderites, the train is attacked by a horde of flying D2s so Destiny and Walkure rush out to repel them. With Takt’s help in directing Destiny’s blasts they destroy them all, however another huge D2 appears. With the two Musicarts exhausted, Shindler sends out Jigoku to destroy it. Later, Schindler changes his delivery plans and dismisses Walkure. He invites Takt and Destiny to join him, but Takt pointedly refuses, leaving Schindler fuming.

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