July 19, 2024

Takt Op. Destiny Episode 6 English Subbed

Takt Op. Destiny Episode 6 English Subbed

Takt Op. Destiny English Subbed

Episode Title :- Sunrise -Rooster-

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Episode Summary

As Anna, Takt and Cosette travel on, Cosette appears to be acquiring better communication skills. They arrive in New Orleans and find it occupied by only a few elderly people. Anna and Cosette buy supplies and meet some of the residents. Left alone, Takt finds a bar where they play music, including that of his father Kenji. The owner takes him to a soundproofed basement venue where Takt plays “Rhapsody in Blue” on piano to an appreciative audience of the bar’s patrons. The trio continue on their way to New York, meanwhile Conductor Sagan learns through Schindler that Takt is alive, the son of the “Rooster”.

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