July 19, 2024

The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 22 English Dubbed

The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 22 English Dubbed

The Rising of the Shield Hero English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Four Heroes Council

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 22 English Dubbed. Watch The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 22 English Dubbed for Free Online.

Episode Summary

Naofumi’s party goes to the Dragon Hourglass to receive their Class Up upgrades, but the ritual fails. Mirellia speculates Fitoria’s blessing is interfering somehow- revealing herself a Filolial Otaku. During a banquet, The Four Heroes have a private meeting whist Raphtalia fights a drunken Bow Party member, Mald, for insulting Naofumi, causing a brawl amongst the Hero parties. Meanwhile, Melty thwarts Bitch (Myne) attempting to poison Raphtalia’s and Filo’s food. During the meeting, Mirellia informs the Heroes of the upcoming special Cal Mira Archipelago event, where everyone gains bonus experience points, giving them opportunity to level up before the next Wave. To help each other, the Heroes elaborate about their weapons’ hidden functions, including a special weapon copy system. However, they devolve into arguing over the better power leveling method, so Naofumi leaves in disgust. The next day, Naofumi copies all of Erhard’s shields before visiting Raphtalia’s abandoned village to pay respect at Rifana’s grave. As he ponders rebuilding the village someday, Naofumi briefly encounters a pair of travelers. The next morning, Naofumi boards the ship headed for Cal Mira. However, since the other Heroes took most of the ship’s cabins, Naofumi’s party must share a room with the aforementioned pair of travelers: L’Arc Berg and Therese Alexandrite.

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