April 18, 2024

The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 4 English Dubbed

The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 4 English Dubbed

The Rising of the Shield Hero English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Lullaby at Dawn

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 4 English Dubbed. Watch The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 4 English Dubbed for Free Online.

Episode Summary

After repelling the Wave of Catastrophe, the Heroes are treated to a state dinner, which Naofumi reluctantly attends. Myne informs Motoyasu that Raphtalia is a slave, prompting him to challenge Naofumi to a duel for her freedom. Despite Naofumi declining the challenge, King Aultcray Melromarc takes Raphtalia, forcing the duel. Despite Motoyasu’s higher level, Naofumi’s many shields and superior tactics quickly give him the upper hand, but Myne openly uses wind magic to trip Naofumi, letting Motoyasu claim victory. When Aultcray reveals Myne is his daughter “Malty,” Naofumi realizes they planned his defamation. With Raphtalia’s slave seal removed, Naofumi’s burning hatred within him unlocks the “Cursed Series.” However, Raphtalia slaps Motoyasu, condemning him for his false chivalry and positing that if he truly wanted to free slaves, he’d have some freedmen in his party. Entering the arena, Ren and Itsuki openly condemn Myne’s interference, incensed Aultcray would allow such blatant cheating. Raphtalia returns to Naofumi’s side, reaffirming her loyalty to him, and the Cursed Series subsides. The next morning, Naofumi eats a breakfast sandwich Raphtalia made him, finding that he can finally taste food again. His confidence and hope renewed, Naofumi is now assured that Raphtalia is truly his ally.

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