June 19, 2024

To Your Eternity Episode 15 English Dubbed

To Your Eternity Episode 15 English Dubbed

To Your Eternity English Dubbed

Episode Title :- A Girl Named Tonari

Fumetsu no Anata e Episode 15 English Dubbed. Watch To Your Eternity Episode 15 English Dubbed for Free Online.

Episode Summary

As Fushi wonders what caused Parona’s death, a child named Tonari claims that there are good people who become criminals, having had the same experience when remembering her father. Fushi is tries to rescue Pioran but the elder is against this and tells him to follow Parona’s legacy. In the next round, Fushi proves his superiority as a fighter but his rival refuses to give up. This causes the arena to attack the two fighters, dispapointed by the lack of deaths. After the battle from which Fushi is once again victorius, he clashes with Tonari as he does not approve the idea of killing. As the villagers become antagonistic with Fushi, the knockers apppear. This causes the temporary team up between every villagers and Fushi. As the knockers are defeated, Fushi is glad to have recover his memories of March and befriends Tonari for having to tried help him despite their previous clashes.

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