April 14, 2024

To Your Eternity Episode 20 English Dubbed

To Your Eternity Episode 20 English Dubbed

To Your Eternity English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Echoes

Fumetsu no Anata e Episode 20 English Dubbed. Watch To Your Eternity Episode 20 English Dubbed for Free Online.

Episode Summary

Although initially hesitant believing that his presence will only cause her pain and eventually death, Fushi decides to rejoin Pioran even though the Beholder warns him that she is nearing death from old age, which Fushi does not understand. Over the span of several months Pioran develops irrational mood swings from dementia to Fushi’s confusion, though he continues to care for her. Elsewhere, a kind man enters his home hut on a beach, only be attacked by the very person, Hayase, he had saved extends its unusually powerful right arm and presumably kills him, which shows that she has merged with the Nokker that she had let escape her and had later wounded her earlier. One day, the dying Pioran speaks to the Beholder and asks him to have herself be reborn as something that will help Fushi on his everlasting journey. As she enters Paradise, the Beholder takes a hold her vital essence through a white orb that looks similar to Fushi’s true form. Fushi finds Pioran’s dead body and mourns his lifelong friend and cherished companion, and how happy he had been with her. Several decades later, a middle-aged Fushi laughs crazily as he has just overpowered and killed another pursuing Nokker.

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