July 14, 2024

To Your Eternity Episode 5 English Dubbed

To Your Eternity Episode 5 English Dubbed

To Your Eternity English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Those Who Follow

Fumetsu no Anata e Episode 5 English Dubbed. Watch To Your Eternity Episode 5 English Dubbed for Free Online.

Episode Summary

Parona escapes with March, Fushi and the elder but is chased by the villagers from Yanome. When Parona is exposed to the enemies’ attack, March sacrifices her life to save Parona. This causes Fushi to transform the bear and take down the enemies. After March dies, Parona gives the news about the death to March’s parents. With Yanome soldiers wanting to capture Fushi, Parona convinces him to part ways and escape for sake of them both. The Yanome soldier spotted and about to shoot arrow Fushi as he is leaving. However, Parona managed to shoot first at the hand of the archer. Fushi is shown taking on the form of March’s appearance.

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