July 14, 2024

To Your Eternity Episode 8 English Dubbed

To Your Eternity Episode 8 English Dubbed

To Your Eternity English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Monster Brothers

Fumetsu no Anata e Episode 8 English Dubbed. Watch To Your Eternity Episode 8 English Dubbed for Free Online.

Episode Summary

After an argument with the Booze Man, Gugu leaves the restaurant and tries working in the city. However, he is often the victim of discrimination upon revealing his deformed face to the point of quitting. Meanwhile, Fushi tries cooking and cleaning the restaurant but upon multiple failures, Pioran convinces him that he needs Gugu’s help to learn new skills and then properly become an adult. Gugu struggles to obtain easy money with Rean’s ring she gave him but ultimately gives it up to his missing brother. In the next night, a group of men try to kidnap Gugu to use him as part of a show but Fushi scares the men by transforming into the bear. As Fushi requests Gugu’s help, the two become friends.

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