April 14, 2024

To Your Eternity Episode 12 English Subbed

To Your Eternity Episode 12 English Subbed

To Your Eternity English Subbed

Episode Title :- Awakening

Fumetsu no Anata e Episode 12 English Subbed. Watch To Your Eternity Episode 12 English Subbed for Free Online.

Episode Summary

Fushi is able to protect all civilians from the nokkers but is unable to defeat them and the area is destroyed. Now wounded, the immortal being returns to his late villager’s youthful form. Gugu and Rean go to the area but it collapses and the former uses his strength to protect the latter. This causes Fushi to realize Gugu dies as he takes his appearance and uses all his strength to defeat the enemy which escapes to the West. As she recovers, Rean tries to find Gugu but Fushi takes his form and lies that Gugu will not return as Fushi embarks on a journey alone to avoid more casualties. As Rean reflects on her love towards Gugu, she tells to her father that he is dead.

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