July 14, 2024

To Your Eternity Episode 17 English Subbed

To Your Eternity Episode 17 English Subbed

To Your Eternity English Subbed

Episode Title :- The Defeated

Fumetsu no Anata e Episode 17 English Subbed. Watch To Your Eternity Episode 17 English Subbed for Free Online.

Episode Summary

A victorious and obsessed Hayase informs the shocked crowd by fabricating a tale about how she was the one who had “discovered” Fushi four years ago in a feral state and that it was from her that he learned human speech as well as autonomy and sentience. She then entrusts the future of Janada Island to Tonari, while she takes Fushi to a hidden bedroom where she begins to rape him. Tonari, Mia, Oopa and the rest come to try and save their immortal friend, but end up being caught by the guards who now follow Hayase. Hayase orders her and her friends to leave or die at her hands. She is surprised and impressed when Fushi, who threatens to kill her at knife-point, tells her that the boy she was assaulting was just an empty shell, having managed to transfer his conscious sense of self into the form of the mole he had attained earlier. He agrees to allow Hayase to do with him as she pleases, only if she releases Tonari and the others. Hayase agrees to his terms and allows Tonari, her friends, and Jananda’s children to escape by ship but drugs them unconscious. Tonari awakes and sets off by rowboat to rescue Fushi, who was also drugged and is being held prisoner in a well.

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