July 19, 2024

Tokyo Revengers Episode 18 English Dubbed

Tokyo Revengers Episode 18 English Dubbed

Tokyo Revengers English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Open Fire

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Episode Summary

Draken explains that Kazutora killed Baji during their gang war on October 31, 2005, known as Bloody Halloween. Mikey had killed him out of rage, which led to the Tokyo Manji Gang to lose the fight. As a result, the gang was absorbed into Valhalla, which subsequently became a crime organization, with Mikey and Kisaki acting as its leaders. Takemichi returns to the past to confront Baji with Chifuyu, but Baji swears his loyalty to Valhalla. Takemichi later admits to Mikey he is unable to fulfill his promise, but at a meeting on the night before Bloody Halloween, Mikey declares that, rather than fighting Baji, the Tokyo Manji Gang’s objective is to bring him back. On the day of the fight, the two gangs gather at a junkyard, and before their battle opener, Kazutora knocks the referee unconscious and the fight begins.

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