April 18, 2024

Tokyo Revengers Episode 5 English Dubbed

Tokyo Revengers Episode 5 English Dubbed

Tokyo Revengers English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Releap

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Episode Summary

Naoto divulges that Draken was killed on August 3, 2005 following an altercation with Mikey, and that preventing his death is critical to changing the present. After returning to the past, Takemichi meets Emma, a girl who is friends with the Tokyo Manji Gang members, and is later invited to one of their gang meetings. At the gathering, Mikey declares that the gang will fight Moebius, a rival gang, on August 3, for assaulting a friend of Haruki Hayashida (nicknamed Pah-chin), the third division captain, and raping his friend’s girlfriend. Concerned for Draken’s safety, Takemichi follows him around town and recognizes how much of a positive influence he is on Mikey.

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