April 18, 2024

Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 English Dubbed

Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 English Dubbed

Tokyo Revengers English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Revive

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Episode Summary

Pah-chin fights Osanai in the battle opener, and despite his defeat, the Tokyo Manji Gang overwhelm Moebius. Draken dodges an otherwise fatal blow from Osanai, but the police arrive, and the gangs quickly disperse. Before the Tokyo Manji Gang leaves, Pah-chin stabs Osanai and turns himself into the police. After Takemichi wakes up in the hospital, Emma reveals that Mikey and Draken have gotten into a disagreement over how to save Pah-chin, resulting in the gang being divided into two factions. While Takemichi recovers at home, he is shocked to find both Mikey and Draken visiting him.

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