July 19, 2024

Tokyo Revengers Episode 9 English Dubbed

Tokyo Revengers Episode 9 English Dubbed

Tokyo Revengers English Dubbed

Episode Title :- Revolt

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Episode Summary

Takemichi goes to the parking lot, where Draken is expected to die, but finds him fighting Moebius. Takemichi and second division captain Takashi Mitsuya attempt to assist while Mikey fights Shūji Hanma, the acting leader of Moebius, but they are outnumbered. However, when the rest of the Tokyo Manji Gang arrive, a gang war breaks out. Mikey discovers that Ryohei Hayashi (Peh-yan), the Tokyo Manji Gang’s third division vice-captain, had allied with Moebius out of anger over Mikey and Draken allowing Pah-chin to be arrested; however, Mikey convinces him that he is also upset about the incident. Takemichi tries to look for Draken, but he sees Kiyomasa with a bloodied knife and Draken bleeding on the ground.

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