April 23, 2024

Tokyo Revengers (Uncensored) Episode 19 English Subbed

Tokyo Revengers (Uncensored) Episode 19 English Subbed

Tokyo Revengers (Uncensored) English Subbed

Episode Title :- Turn around

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Episode Summary

A brawl begins Vahalla’s 300 members and Toman’s 150 on October 31st, the Bloody Halloween. Kazutora fights Mikey while Hanma and Draken duke it out, and Takemichi becomes overwhelmed by fear. Despite this, Takemichi realizes that if he cannot fix the past then Hina will stay dead in the future, which encourages him to fight for himself. Seeing a beaten and nearly unconscious Takemichi continue to fight despite his weary state, the overwhelmed Toman members get back up and swarm Valhalla. Kazutora pins Mikey down by having two of Valhalla’s strongest fighters pin him down in a position atop a stack of cars so that he cannot use his infamous kick against them. Flashbacks reveal Kazutora’s childhood, where he was pitted against an abusive father and his mother; he believes that Mikey is his enemy, and if he kills his enemy then he is a hero. Mikey, though bloodied and vulnerable, kicks Kazutora anyways.

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